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Tips And Tricks To Write Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Writing a rhetorical essay is difficult for students because students need to have a strong hold on logos, pathos, ethos and other difficult concepts of essay writing. Writing a rhetorical analysis essay is very different from writing a research paper. Students who are assigned a task on rhetorical essay should work on their analytical skills and chose to write the rhetorical analysis using persuasive words. In this article we are going to share some tips with students that will help them write rhetorical analysis essays.

Tips To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

· Have A Clear Concept- First and foremost students who are attempting a rhetorical analysis essay should have a clear concept. They should understand the fact that a rhetorical essay is very different from a regular essay or a research paper. The main aim of writing a rhetorical essay is to persuade its readers in a particular direction justifying your points with the help of supportive evidences so that the reader agrees to your point. Students should have the ability to research on a topic and draw a summary persuading the reader using rhetorical ways. (Connors,,1983)

· Prepare The Analysis Using Methods Of Persuasion- There are in total three main methods of persuasion. First is where the ethos has been grounded and readers have faith in the reliability of the speaker accounting on the credibility of the author relating to the author’s personal experience. Second is where the pathos is seeking towards arousing emotions to gain the reader’s approval appealing to the reader’s feelings. And, third is where the logos has a rational and logical approach with the motive of contacting and guiding the audience.

· Organize The Essay Before Putting Your Thoughts On The Paper- Students need to make an outline of the essay focusing on the main argument. Organizing an essay saves a lot of time. It is advised that students divide their time into three parts reading, analyzing and writing when they are working on a rhetorical analysis essay. Students should define their major tasks before reading the essay topic and writing their narrative. For students who lack experience in writing the narrative of a rhetorical essay they can take expert help from SourceEssay essay typers.

· Focus On The Structure Of The Essay- Students are advised to focus on the structure of the essay and use a five-paragraph form while writing a rhetorical essay. The introductory paragraph should be kept short, beginning with a strong statement that hooks the reader to the essay. The speaker should be mentioned right at the beginning giving a short description of the author. Also students should not forget to point the key message of the essay in the introduction. The body of the essay should be divided neatly into several sections. The conclusion must leave an impact on the reader’s minds. (Bazerman,, 2005)

· Proofread Your Essay Before Submission- Students should make sure they proofread the essay before they submit it to ensure they have not deviated from the main point. They should go through the essay multiple times to identify the mistakes.


To conclude it can be said that a rhetorical essay can be written with accuracy keeping the following tips in mind- Firstly, Students should get into the practice of writing a rhetorical essay. They can take the help of online essay help from SourceEssay. Secondly, students should not be lead away while writing a rhetorical essay. Thirdly at least half portion of the article must be commentary using quotes, to support the judgment of thesis. And, finally, students should be able to voice their opinion and prove their statement describing arguments with supporting evidences. Students should use methods of persuasion while writing the essay. They should organize the essay and focus on the structure while writing the essay. Most importantly students should proofread the essay before submitting them. Students can now avail online essay help from SourceEssay experts to seek assistance in writing rhetorical essays.


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