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What Are The Pros Of Genetic Engineering?

A lot of students are studying genetic engineering these days. That is because it is an interesting subject and there are many advantages of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is basically the science of cultivating superior beings with the help of desirable genes. Genetic engineering has also contributed a lot in the field of animals and plants. It has been used by several scientists to give life to superior plants and animals. Every subject have their pros and cons. But in this article we are going to focus mainly on the pros of genetic engineering essays. Even though, we are also going to throw some light on the disadvantages of the essay.


· Create Better Crop Varieties

Genetic engineering is widely used to improve the quality of crops. It helps farmers produce a better quality crops. Another advantage is that these crops ripe faster compared to regular crops and are also produced in larger quantities. The biggest contribution of genetic engineering in the field of agriculture is that it helps in cultivating a different variety of crops. The genes of crops are mixed and matched and cultivated in a controlled atmosphere to create new variations of the same crop.

· Genetic Engineering Helps In Reducing Global Warming

Global warming has been a rising problem in today’s world. This is happening because thousands of trees are cut every day to build houses and construct roads. Because of the lack of trees and increases population, the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is more compared to oxygen. This is precisely why scientists have stated genetically engineering trees so that trees are able to absorb more carbon dioxide than they usually do. It has been a major reason why people are able to control global warming over the past few years. There may be few plants and trees due to civilization but because genetically engineered trees can absorb more carbon dioxide.

· Genetic Engineering Helps In Modifying Babies

People have an old desire of modifying their babies according to their specifications. With the help of genetic engineering at least 60% of their wish is being fulfilled with the help of genetic engineering.

Today very little is left to mother nature. People can pick and choose the genes and modify their babies as per their wish. They can also change the sex of the babies. Genetically engineered kids have proved to have a better IQ level. Their immunity system and growth along with their overall stamina is much better compared to natural babies. Most importantly now we can prevent genetic disorders or hereditary diseases by artificially removing the bad genes from the good ones. It helps in producing super-intelligent, healthy and high IQ kids in the long run which is leading to a better generation.

Most importantly because of sedentary lives more and more people are growing infertile today and loosing the hope of bearing children. But thanks to in vitro fertilization or IVF people are being able to bear children despite being infertile. All this is possible because of genetic engineering. It has contributed a lot in the medical field as well. Major hereditary diseases like cancer, diabetes etc can be avoided in the next generation with the help of genetic engineering. Students who are in the medical field are often given to write assignments on genetic engineering. If you too need help with your assignment you can get in touch with certified assignment makers from SourceEssay. They help students understand how genetic engineering has helped in moderating babies for the betterment of the society.

· Plants And Animals Can Be Made To Grow Faster

Both plants and animals are breaded to eat. They have a certain period which requires them to grow. Generally this time is a lot of time and it is dependent on a lot of other external factors. When the supply is lesser than the demand then the growth period or the time taken for maturation effects the sales to great level. This is precisely where genetic engineering has come into play. It has helped in reducing the overall time for the growth of plants and animals. In lay man’s terms it can be said that when there is huge demand in the market farmers cannot spare the time needed for the growth of the plants and animals which is later send to sell. They use genetically engineered crops and animals so that they grow at a higher rate and time required is much less compared to the usual growth rate.

· Genetic Engineering Helps In Increasing The Shelf-Life In Plants

Plants die because of various reasons. One of them is pests. Genetically engineered plants are usually pest resistant. This means that the pests cannot manifest a plant and kill them. The genes of the plants have been artificially made immune to plants. This is a big reason why plants live longer and healthier that are genetically engineered.

· New Kinds Of Plants And Animals Can Be Cultivated With The Help Of Genetic Engineering

New species of plants and animals are cultivated using genetic engineering. It has helped to bring variety to the food and beverage industry and the field of agriculture. Whether its breeding plants or animals the more we have variety the better chances of sales is there. Different genes of plants and animals are mixed and matched to formulate better food quality . For example the plants that are genetically engineered bear more fruits and have a lot of variations.


Even though genetic engineering has contributed a lot in different fields it has its own disadvantages and limitations. Genetic engineering if not done correctly can have side effects for example if a plant has been genetically engineered to consume less water in its growth period it can be less resistant towards sunlight. Similarly genetically engineered babies can be sensitive and allergic to certain conditions. These are one of the many disadvantages of genetic engineering.

Final Takeaway

There are many pros and cons of genetic engineering essays. It hold great importance in the field of medical science and agriculture. If you are a medical student who is finding difficulties writing assignments on genetic engineering you can enroll in do my assignment and avail online assignment help from SourceEssay experts. Genetic engineering has helped in reducing the overall time for the growth of plants and animals. It has helped researchers develop different variations of plants and animals and also helped increase the shelf life of trees by making them resistant to pests. It has also contributed a lot in the medical field helping people become parents by inventing IVF.

But there are certain disadvantages of genetic engineering essays. Genetic engineering if not done correctly can have side effects for example if a plant has been genetically engineered to consume less water in its growth period it can be less resistant towards sunlight. Most importantly the assignments are a little technical because it involves scientific jargons. People who are not well aware of the language and do not have proper knowledge might find difficulties in comprehending assignments in genetic engineering.

Experts from SourceEssay are aware of the initial difficulties and have stepped forward to help students write great assignments on genetic engineering.


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