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What Are The 3 Ps In Writing?

There are lots of indicators that have been identified successfully depict what is wrong with artistic work or what is right. Writing a masterpiece would be a hard journey and in my opinion, one should definitely be familiar with the 3ps of writing many renowned writers used for survival.

A good writer always plans the ways they wanted to communicate their message outlines the notes and then craft stellar copies. At times Lack of timing seems to be intriguing and might consume lots of time thereby remember 3ps i.e. purpose, passion, and persistence that not only saves your copies from being rejected even helps to you create outstanding draft every time.

Here is an outlook on 3ps of writing professional assignment writer highly recommended to students to get success at one GO-


Unlike any next academician who only writes something for the sake of publication, typically a professional writer spends indefinite hours to negotiate the real purpose. A purpose may be a series of episodes streamline the operation might come with a scope that only a person who has read extensively in a particular area knows. Your purpose might come from the audience of your previous work.

Fundamentally a write up having no significant information or add nothing to the academic genera would never regulate in the academic sphere. Thereby it is advised to set a purpose before the initial writing process.


Passion is also one of the purposes behind writing tuition assignments, research papers, articles even a blog. There must be the highest chance a person will be passionate about whatever things he or she is producing. In my opinion, if you are completely passionate about anything, you would definitely be eager to understand even the implication of minute details. To be passionate actually means you are doing something that is already get completed.


The majority of the published writer wrote for years to create a series of books or novels. A successful writer will always be persistent, no is not an answer for them. The big element of structuring a story initiates the writing journey that you can control. At that time persistence reflects only when writers don’t want to give up. Here it means an author believes in his ideas and knows his or her writing will inspire or encourage others.

Therefore no matters what external material is required to publish a book or securing a Grade for tuition assignments, it also starts with you.

In order to produce an impressive yet impactful write-up, you may also need to know about 3cs of writing before begin story writing-

Clarity- Whether it’s a concept or draft, it has to be clear enough that may seem obvious. Sometimes written element lacks clarity not because of fuzzy writing in fact due to fuzzy thinking. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said if a man wishes to write clear write-ups, first he or she needs to be clear in his thoughts. To know more take assistance from the SourceEssay assignment helper team.

Coherence- Coherence in the text is what makes the writing symmetrical. Good writing always switches from ideas to ideas in sentences, apparently, one thought to another in text. Coherence enables the writers to check flow the ideas without getting lost. Like clarity, coherence is also dependent on clear thinking. A good writer knows better where to use words and phrases to maintain coherence

Consciousness- At last good writing economically is supported by words. The best assignment says what it has to say without using wasted words. Henceforth, the impeccable write-up produce only when the fat of unnecessary words is trimmed down

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