Problem Solution Essay Topics For Singapore College Students

Students get to write different kinds of essays as a part of their assignments during their academic years of learning. Not all essays follow the basic instructions. There are some which come with a rather complex guideline. One such type of essay is where a student is asked to state a problem and provide the readers with its solution. Such essays are known as problem-solution essays. These essays can retain the reader’s interest much easily compared to other essays because of the obvious reason that it is dealing with a relevant problem that the reader can connect to and promises a solution to it.

But, as the same suggests writing a problem-solution essay can be a little complex if a student does not intend to follow the set pattern and the guidelines. In this article today we are going to discuss briefly the method of writing a problem-solving essay and also suggest some common problem solution essay topics for academic students.

Method Of Writing A Problem-Solving Essay

• The first step towards writing an engaging problem-solving essay is to choose a relevant topic for the essay. This can be done by making a list of the common problems or taking professional advice from expert assignment writers.

• The problem-solving essay topics can be categorized into the following types- i. The essays can be based on facts, ii. Driving and transportation, iii. Family life, iv. Education of high school scholars, v. college life, vi. Athletes and sports, vii. Social problems, and relationship related facts.

• After the topic has been finalized the student needs to start with the introduction. The introduction must state the problem and the need for its solution with an assurance to the reader that the essay states the solution as well. If it is an unknown problem it needs to be described in detail, in case it is a known problem there should be a vivid picture of the problem focusing on the aftermaths of the problem.

• The next comes the body of the essay. The body should consist of three to four paragraphs at the most. In the body the solution should be mentioned giving details about how the solution can effectively solve the problem. The student should also specify the person in charge of the solution with supporting pieces of evidence to convince the reader that the solution is workable.

• The conclusion should include the positivity of the solution offered to convince him further by describing how the solution can change the scenario and supporting it with convincing facts, testimonials by experts, and convincing statistics as supported shreds of evidence.

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