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MMK266 Consumer Behavior Research Report

In the past few years, it has been noticed most of the companies emphasize on understanding the consumer's behaviors associated with usages of goods and services and its disposal. The former key focusing areas include investigation of individual qualities such as their behavior pattern, lifestyle, a new research methods in attempts to recognize consumers needs. Several researchers have accepted it is difficult to determine the consumer behavior, however new research processes like consumer neuroscience study and consumer ethnography shred lights on the analysis of consumer behavior pattern. For a company who is stepping inside the market space has to configure the demand of goods and services and following activities that preceded the decision making for purchasing goods. In this direction American consumer association defined it as a dynamic interaction between cognition, behavior, and environmental events through which human economic consumption can be determined (Köylüoğlu et .al 018). As markets are oriented towards understanding consumers demand, way to write consumers research report may vary accordingly. This article tried to explain several aspects of consumer’s behavior research report proposed by assignment writer must be included in order to make research paper effective.

Overview Demographic And Life Style Of Consumers

The appeal of the market has considerably changed the influence of high involvement of the customers concerning services. In the part of the analysis of demographic and consumer lifestyles, marketers have to analyze the frequency rate of acceptance of product amid different age groups. This is usually taken into consideration as lifestyles variable factors closely reflect the consumers’ interest and purchasing powers. A product that a consumer buys must be set with a certain belief. It is indeed to analyze those factors which affect consumers belief concerning product who has a certain value in regards to a future term. Nevertheless demographic and lifestyle is important descriptors determining the perception.

Analyze The Price And Competitive Position Of The Product

As said by several assignment help an expert, Price is a foremost concern of the consumer defines either product is acceptable or not. An objective of the company must be written in the research project and what is their action to achieve quality leadership. Formulate the competitive price charts and compare in what scenarios company product stand out of the crowd. Try to identify what if the consumer purchase the product, is it ably worth it. At last, identify the segments of the marketing responsible for the high or low growth of the product.

Determine Consumer Decision Process

As it is said by essay writer consumer decision process begins with rising problems, then researcher has to consider the consumer perception at first. This section covers details like situational influences, problem recognition, evaluation and selection of alternatives, post purchases outlet as well as other external influence affecting the decision power of the consumer. It is consumer tendency to buy that product which fills their needs coupled with a psychological commitment to the product. Usually, a number of distinct factors are used like a number of visitors, store distribution and information availability (Reisch and Zhao, 2017). Product characteristics like Price as well as market characteristics like alternative price and tags all influences the combination measure affecting decision-making ability that has to be analyzed by the researcher.

Explanation Of Case Chosen

The important component of writing consumer behavior research report surrounds product quality, problem recognition also an extended decision making. The distinctive information should be taken from the interviews and group surveys where focus must be on the product ably fulfill expecting brand loyalty.


Analyzing consumer behaviors is always been a concern of marketers to determine the decision-making ability of consumers. This requires determining the frequency rate of acceptance of product amid different age groups. Therefore it is important to analyze those factors which affect consumer’s belief concerning product that has a certain value in regards to a future term. Nevertheless, identifies product characteristics like Price as well as market characteristics like alternative price and tags all influences the combination measure affecting decision-making ability.

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Köylüoğlu, A. S., İnan, Ü. S. E., & Acar, Ö. E. (2018). A Research on Consumer Behaviour: Konya Sample. China-USA Business Review, 316.

Reisch, L. A., & Zhao, M. (2017). Behavioural economics, consumer behaviour and consumer policy: state of the art. Behavioural Public Policy, 1(2), 190-206.

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