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Impress The Readers By Using The Main Points Of Ph.D. Research Proposal

There is a significant difference between a research proposal and a research paper. A research proposal is an outline of the project that is being proposed by the research student. A research proposal clearly defines a question and assures to provide an answer. It highlights the significance of the research paper using an original approach, gives a brief description of how the project is going to challenge or develop the existing literature further explain the readers the requirement of the proposed project. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the Main Points of the Ph.D. Research Proposals that research students need to work on to create an impressive research proposal.

Main Points Of A Ph.D. Research Proposal

• Research proposals are of different types and lengths. To create high-quality proposal students should seek clarity from their professors on the guidelines of the research proposal which mentions the word limit and structure to be used. Students must stick to the guidelines when they start working on the proposal. In case of doubts, they can also consult with instant assignment writer available online.

• Students should make sure they pick up a topic that is relevant and interest them. The title can be anything but it should include the keywords that are related to the research topic indicating the student’s approach towards the key questions that would be addressed in the research paper.

• After finalizing the title students should focus on giving a concise overview of the research. The overview should be convincing having at least three questions that cover the reason for the research, highlight the theory and concepts of major approaches along with the significance of the research. An overview is essential as it helps convince the readers and specifies the importance of the research. Students can take online assignment help from professional researchers to seek guidance in writing an overview of the research proposal.

• After the overview students need to position their research in the proposal in approximately 900 words. This is where a student emphasizes his understanding of the issue of the research and focuses on the existing theoretical and practical gaps that are to be addressed in the research. This section is used to conceptualize the questions addressed in the research paper without getting into contradictions.

• In the next 900 words, the student describes the methods he would be intending to use in the research. This section clearly states the overall approach, objectives and aims, parameters, and a specific timeline for the completion of the research. Students who have less or no experience in writing research papers and proposals can seek guidance from SourceEssay Research Paper help. It is essential to meet the deadlines in research therefore students should take expert guidance before finalizing the structure, and timeline of the research.

• Lastly, students need to cite the information used correctly using the correct referencing styles depending on the research paper to avoid falling into the plagiarism trap. Online essay writer from SourceEssay can guide them and also get their research papers proofread by experts to ensure they are unique, non-plagiarized, and flawless before the students send their proposals for submission.


Therefore it can be said that with the help of highly qualified Ph.D. holders who give online essays help to research students, it is not very difficult for students to write an impressive proposal for their research. SourceEssay has become a one-stop solution for research students. They make sure students get instant solutions to any kind of queries and can submit high-quality research papers on time.

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