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There are various skills required to manage a team but the most important among these skills are teamwork and leadership. This is because teamwork and leadership when combined together provides clarity to the team members and also has a direct impact on the vision and goal of a company. When we talk about managing a business a team is referred to a group of people working together through mutual interdependence with the objective to achieve long-term goals. In case of organizations team is referred as employees working in an organization. Similarly leadership is a skill required to manage a team and thrive it towards fulfilling goals. For any organization to be successful Teamwork and leadership management skills are equally important.

Importance Of Teamwork And Leadership Management Skills

No single individual is perfect. But the best thing about people is that every person has certain skills and qualities that prove to be beneficial for an organization. This is precisely why teams are developed to manage big organizations. When a group of people combine and work towards a common initiative the effort portrayed is known as team work. Below mentioned are some advantages that define the importance of leadership and teamwork. (Hunzike,,2011)

Advantages Of Teamwork

· Teamwork plays a vital role in planning goals- For any organization to succeed goals should be clearly set. And for the smooth functioning of any team everybody’s involvement who are present in the team is important. This is where teamwork plays a vital role. They bring all the members together at one place and streamline them when the goals and expectations are being set. (Parumasur,,2013)

· Solve Problems Jointly- Problems are a part of the game that creep in at every point when the work is in progress. It is important to solve the problems before moving in to the next level. Therefore team members give in a joint effort to solve the problems. It helps to clear their perspective and share their load when dealing with problems.

· Sense Of Accountability- When employees or group of people join hands and work towards a common goal there is a sense of accountability. Every team member is designated a specific job role and are accountable for their own actions. This further helps in the smooth functioning of an organization. If every individual takes responsibility of their actions then non of the people present in the group goes through added stress and anxiety.

Advantages Of Leadership

· Increases Productivity of Team Members- Leadership is required to increase the productivity of the team members. The people who are designated as team leaders motivate team members and assist them in reaching their goals. (Vélez,,2017)

· They help Team Members to Get to Solutions Faster- Team leaders are generally people with sharp problem solving skills. They are better problem solvers. They guide their team members to get to solutions faster and work together towards feasible solutions.

· Help in Retaining Team members- Leadership skills are required to smooth out the friction between the team members and retain team members. Even though every team member is allotted a separate job role and is advised to stick to it frictions are bound to happen when two people work in teams. Leadership skills are implemented by team leaders to smooth out these frictions and carve a mid-way so that the team members can work together without getting into collision.


Therefore it can be said that both teamwork and leadership skills are necessary for the smooth functioning of an organization. Teamwork helps team members to plan the goals, solves problems jointly and gives a sense of accountability to the team members working in a team. Similarly leadership skills helps in increasing the productivity of the team members, get to solutions faster, and also helps in retention of team members. To gather more knowledge on teamwork and leadership management students can avail management assignment help from SourceEssay experts.


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