How To Write An Essay Introduction Like A Pro?

How To An essay introduction is the most vital part of an essay, mainly because the first few lines or the first paragraph of an essay decides whether it is going to hold a reader’s interest or not. So, it is very important to write an eye-catchy and interesting introduction in order to hook the reader to the essay.

In this article we are going to discuss on how to write an essay?And give our readers some easy tips on a good introduction which will act as road map to the entire essay.

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There are different types of essays however, the basic structure of the essay is the same. An essay comprises of an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

An Introduction- The initial sentences or the first paragraph which talks about, what the essay is all about, and why it is being written is called an introduction. An introduction is of 7 to 10 lines or the first paragraph.

In an argumentative essay the introduction should contain the writer’s opinion on the topic, in persuasive essay introduction should be full of personal attitude and get attention to the topic, in a contradictory essay an introduction should include both the points.There are online essay writers available online who guide students in writing a strong introduction.

Body- The body of the essay covers the maximum part of the essay comprising of 2 to 3 paragraphs.

Conclusion-The conclusion is the end of the essay which sums up the points covered in the essay and draws a conclusion. It gives a brief idea to the reader, on what the essay was all about.

Students can avail for essay writing help online where there are professionals to guide them with their essay.

There are some simple ways to start an essay introduction-

  • An essay introduction can be started with a question related to the topic. Questions always grabs reader’s attentions.

  • An introduction can also be written by including a fact. For instance, a lesser known data.

  • The writer can also start an introduction on a personal note. An essay starting on a personal note is always more connected to the audience because they can connect themselves with the writer.

  • The topic description can also be repeated in an essay introduction. There is essay help available for students to help them with their essays.

4 Magic Tips To Write An Essay Introduction Like A Pro

The best way to get a reader hooked to an essay is by starting the first sentence with an interesting statistics or lesser known fact that may surprise the reader, a question, a quotation, a brief anecdote or a broad summary of the essay. Clichés and generalizing the essay should be avoided.

  • The reader should be given a background information which they might need, to understand the topic. It can be a historical, geographical, and social context, definition of jargons, or even a summary of the debate or research being mentioned in the essay.

  • The purpose why it is being written should be established in the introduction.

  • The introduction should be revised by the writer after the entire essay is being written.

In order to check whether it needs to be re-written. Students can seek assignment help to get assistance for their assignments. These assignments include essay writings as well.


Therefore, we can conclude by saying that an essay introduction is the key to a good essay. It decides whether an essay will grab a reader’s attention or not. Students can write a good essay by keeping these simple tips in mind. SourceEssay gives online assignment help to students who are seeking help to write a good essay by professional writers.

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