How To Write An Assignment | A Step By Step Guide

Assignment writing can be nerve racking for students who don’t know the basics of assignment writing. However even though every assignment is different from the other and comes with a set of instructions to follow, the basics of assignment writing is more or less the same. There are six stages of assignment writing. The below image shows the six stages of assignment writing;

In this article we are going to briefly discuss how to write an assignment so that students have a clear idea where to start an assignment from and how to finish it.

Step By Step Guide On How To Write An Assignment

Assignment writing can be broken down into six different stages namely planning, analyzing, drafting an outline, researching, and writing, editing and proofreading. The six stages on how to write an essay are discussed in details below-

· Step 1- Planning- Students are advised to plan an assignment before they start working on it. Planning involves prioritizing an assignment based on its worth, highlight the points that students need to focus on while writing the assignments, make a list of what all needs to be done to complete the assignment.

· Step 2- Analyze The Assignment Correctly- Before writing the assignment students need to understand what is being asked for. Therefore before attempting the question they need to read the question if required multiple times to analyze it correctly. Students should be able to answer these three questions to check they have properly analyzed the question. First, what is the topic and what the question is about? Second, what is the meaning of the question? And finally what is expected out of the student. (McKinney,,2009)

· Step-5- Draft An Outline- To write an assignment that holds the readers interest it is important that it does not deviate from the main point. Therefore students should first draft an outline highlighting the important points to ensure they do not miss out on any of the important points or deviate while writing an assignment.

· Step-4- Research- The only way to add value to the research paper is thorough research. Students need to go deeper into the details and extract information from reliable sources that can be traced back in case of need. Students who lack knowledge on where to find the information from can seek online assignment help from SourceEssay experts. (Long,,2020)

· Step 5- Writing The Assignment- The fourth step to create a flawless assignment is to begin writing. It is advised that students follow the set of instructions provided by the university while writing the assignment. Students who find difficulty in writing assignments because of lack of experience, skills and language barriers can seek immediate assistance from SourceEssay essay typer.

· Step- 6- Editing And Proofreading- The most important criteria in assignment writing is that the assignment should be flawless, and non-plagiarized. Students often miss out on the small grammatical errors even after reading the assignment post completion because the brain auto corrects the assignments. Therefore it is best to hire an external subject matter expert who would edit the assignment and proofread it to make sure the assignment is free from plagiarism, factual, and grammatical errors before they are sent to students for submission.


Therefore to summarize it can be said that more or less every assignment is written in the same way even if the structure, format, and writing style varies based on the subject and nature of assignment. To write flawless assignment students should keep the six stages of assignment writing in mind. First, they need to plan the assignment, second, they need to analyze the assignment correctly, third, students need to draft an outline before working on the final assignment highlighting the important points, and fourth, they need to start writing. If they lack knowledge they can seek help from SourceEssay essay typers, fifth, they need to research and finally they need to proofread and edit the assignments before submission.


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