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How To Write An Abstract For A Research Paper

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Every research paper has an abstract that is a summary of the research paper. It highlights the key points in the research paper. It is a vital part of the research paper because the abstract decides whether or not the research paper will hold the interest of the readers. It creates a first impression to the readers and based on the first impression it is decided whether or not the research paper will be accepted or rejected. (Pierson, and D. J. 2004) Another reason why the abstract of the research paper holds a lot of importance is that after the research paper has been accepted the abstract is the first thing that is accessed by readers through electronic searchers. In this article we are going to discuss ways in which an abstract can be made interesting.

Steps To Write An Abstract For A Research Paper

· Attempt Writing The Abstract At The End Of The Research Paper- Most students confuse the abstract with the introduction because it is the first thing that a reader comes across when he reads a research paper. However the abstract is very different from the introduction. The abstract highlights the key points that are discussed in the research paper along with the need to write the research paper. It also summarizes the entire research paper giving readers an idea of what is written in the research paper. Therefore it is advised that the abstract should be written at the end of the research paper. (Tips, and G. 2005)

· Pick The Key Points From The Introduction And Conclusion- The abstract is composed of the major objectives, conclusions or hypothesis picked from the introductory lines and the conclusion. Also key sentences and phrases that the students wish to highlight from the results sections are included in the abstract.

· The Order Of The Abstract Should Remain Constant- Unlike essays research papers have a constant structure. Similarly the abstract of the research paper has a constant structure. It is divided into the following sequence. First is the introduction. Then comes the methods section, third are the results, and finally comes the conclusion. Students are new to writing a research paper can seek research paper help from SourceEssay.

· Make Sure Any Unnecessary Abbreviation Or Unnecessary Details Are Avoided While Writing The Abstract- An abstract is a piece of content that is precise and short. Therefore students should ensure they do not include any new information that is not present in the research paper, and they should also avoid using a discussion of previous literature or reference citations or unnecessary details about the research paper. They should make sure that there is consistency between the information presented in the abstract and the research paper.

· Get The Abstract Proofread Before Sending It For Approval- A research paper is usually written by collecting material from already published research papers. Therefore there are high chances that students will fall into the plagiarism trap and their abstracts would be sent for rework or in worst scenario it can be rejected. Therefore to ensure that the abstract gets accepted at the first place it is advised that students get their abstract reviewed by university professors or subject matter experts before they send it for final approval. Students can now avail plagiarism free assignment help from SourceEssay experts to write a flawless abstract for their research paper.

· Ensure That The Abstract Meets The Specified Guidelines- Similar to a research paper an abstract also comes with specified guidelines. These guidelines are set of instructions provided by the university which define how the abstract needs to be written. It involves word limit within which the abstract should be limited, type of abstract and specific subheadings that needs to be included. Students should ensure that these guidelines are met. To make sure the abstract adheres to the university guidelines students can take assignment help from SourceEssay experts.


Therefore to conclude it can be said that to write a high quality abstract students should keep the following points in mind. First, students should keep in mind that the abstract should be written after the research paper is completed. Second, they should pick the key points that they wish to highlight from the introductory lines and the conclusion section and include them in the abstract to give a clear picture to the readers, third, the order of the abstract should remain constant, fourth, students should avoid using abbreviations or unnecessary details in the abstract, fifth, they should get their abstract proofread and make sure it meets the specified guidelines provided by the university.


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