Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada

International students studying different regions in Canada have an option to do part-time jobs accommodating their lifestyles as well as books, foods as hostages. Since 19th century, Canada is a tempting destination for most of the international students for pursuing their career. In a study, it has been found a Canadian scholar can work 20 hours per week where students are paid as per hourly basis. The average pay may vary from 10$ to 15, but that requires permission later from university to work outside place. According to trading economics, part-time employment in Canada is increased by 70.30 thousand in May from -521.90 Thousand of April 2020. This shows the growth rate of part-time employment in Canada is much higher relative to another field (Forbes coaches council, 2018). In this article, we will share a small description of the highest paying part-time in Canada. Through this, we try to explore various dimensions by which students can support their financial requirements amid studying.

Highest Paying Part Time Jobs In Canada

The given opportunity for international students to do part-time jobs can help them to build their profile, getting practical knowledge or experience of their field. As per assignment help Canada, Earlier a majority of business focuses on hiring full-time worker, but as business environment changing, Most of the part-time jobs provider services greater flexibility to students. The tight labor market has made employer look over part-time workers to stand out from the crowd. Thus if you want to build your academic profile or want to support finances, look at these part-time jobs option proposed by online essay writer.

Teacher Assistance

As said by Hamilton, better living needed an installer; the academic profile also required job experiences. During the academic year, this would be difficult to involve in full-time jobs (Kroft et.al, 2019). In universities, many professors and teacher hire assistance who can help them with various tasks. Those students who have at least one-year experiences can apply for this job, The average salary lie on between from $15.2 per hour to 17$.


If you want to gain a clear understanding of the topic, you can go for tutoring. You may choose the type of student whom you want to train. Leaders are challenged with achieving strategic operations, thus a tutor has to ensure the students get the proper knowledge of the subjects. The average salary is ranging from $15 to $20 per hour. You can save a lot of time with tutoring.


If you are good at writing articles or in graphics, then the variable option is available over the internet. By doing freelancing you can earn money by staying at home. In accordance to online assignment help experts, Freelance jobs time related to the creative industry often provide numerous opportunities that you can explore. By doing freelancing you can earn more than 25$ per hour as per subject requirements.

Retail Salesperson

A retail salesperson gains in-hand experience of marketing by selling anything given to them. In this job, you can explore different aspects of selling where you can deal with consumers directly. Many international students working in this industry during high school and continue this job until they graduate. A Retail salesperson basic hourly salary is $11 then may extend as per incentives.


If you have good command over language and translate supplements effectively, then translator can be lucrative job options. You may choose to work independently or with an organization as per your choice of preferences. The average salary varies from $21.6 to 23$


Thus we can say, the growing trend of part-time employment in CANADA has been increasing at a rapid rate. It has been discussed jobs like teachers assistance, translator, retail salesperson, freelancing driving etc can be a lucrative job option that students can explore.

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