Do Grades Motivate Students

Grades are not just numbers it is the assessing factor that determines the capability of students. Every student whether he is in high school or university dreams of scoring well throughout their academic careers. Grades have an important role to play in a student’s academic life. In this article, we are going to talk about the impact of grades on students.

Low grades harm students similarly higher grades have a positive impact on students. Below mentioned are ways in which lower and higher grades affect the overall life of the student. (Stan,2012)

Advantages Of Grades

  • Boosts Confidence- Good grades boost the overall self-confidence of students and make them believe that they are growing better with each passing day. Once students start getting consistent grades they become more confident about the subject. (Chamberlin,,2018)

  • Improves the Image of the Students in The eyes of the higher Authorities- Grades not just help students self-assess their capabilities but it also helps teachers assess the true worth of a student without getting personally involved with the student. If a student is constantly getting better even the professors start admiring them and appreciate their efforts.

  • Inspires Them To Work harder – Grades also work as a source of inspiration for students. Students who get better grades than others are more inclined towards the subject than others. The better they score their wish of getting better increases and it is seen that students who perform well are keener to work hard the next time so that they can set a benchmark and overcome it every time. Students can seek essay schreiben from SourceEssay if they feel they are getting stuck in the middle of an assignment.

  • Motivates them to achieve their academic goals- Students wh perform well are motivated to reach out to their academic dreams. Grades come with a belief that the students can do even better in times to come.

  • Increases Their chances of getting better employability- Not just professors but even employers have a positive impression about the students who do well and come up with higher grades. Therefore it can be said that an increase in grades results in increased employability.

Disadvantages Of Grades

Just like high grades have positive effects on students low grades have the exact opposite reactions. Some of the reactions have been listed below.

  • Low Grades Results in low Self Confidence- Low grades result in low self-confidence in students. Constantly getting lower grades makes students insecure and their confidence levels drops.

  • Professors form a negative opinion about the student- The professors who analyze the papers of students and constantly observe that a student is scoring lesser than expected tends to form a negative impression about them. This is bad for the image of the student. Therefore to impress professors by submitting high-quality assignments students can seek online assignment help from SourceEssay.

  • Demotivated them and students land up losing confidence- Low grade demotivated them and students end up losing their confidence.

  • Students lose interest in the Subject- Even after repeated trials if the students are not able to score well students tend to lose interest in the subject.

  • Decreases their chances of getting employability- Students with low grades have very little chances to get a suitable job. This is because most employers assess the capability of students based on grades.


Therefore it can be said that the impact of grades on student motivation is huge. Students get inspired and want to perform even better if they score well in their assigned tasks similarly on the other hand students who scoreless get demotivated and lose interest in the subject. Therefore to make sure that students retain their interest in academics they need to consistently score well throughout their academic life. It not just makes them confident but also increases their chances of getting a better job.


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