Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Writing a Cover Letter

The first thing that employers lay their eyes on when they first receive a job application of the student is the cover letter attached to the application. It creates the first impression which plays a big role in deciding whether the applicant’s application will be accepted or rejected. This is why the cover letter should be written flawlessly. However, first-timers normally don’t give importance to a cover letter and land up making mistakes that get their application rejected. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the common mistakes made by students while writing a cover letter and ways of avoiding them.

Common Mistakes While Writing A Cover Letter

  • Being Too Formal –

The majority of students make the common mistake of writing the cover letter in a very formal tone. It does not go with every company. For example, if the student is aiming to apply in a corporate firm the desired tone is formal for a cover letter but in case it’s a mode advertising agency or a creative place then approaching the employers in a rather informal tone is advisable. It is advised that students who are writing the cover letter select the tone after they have identified the nature of the concern. (Bodner,2014)

  • Using A Common Cover Letter For Different Jobs-

The second biggest mistake students make when they are sending their applications to multiple firms is that they use a common format for the cover letter. Every company has different requirements and expect students to apply to them dedicatedly. Therefore the cover letter addressed to them should carry an impression that it has been written only for them. Therefore it’s a clever idea to customize the cover letter according to the specifications of the company that a student is applying to.

  • Putting In More Information Than Is Required-

Putting in a lot of information in the first place can prove to be a big mistake. Students should not forget that they are attaching a detailed cv along with the cover letter which has almost all minute information about them. So there is no need to introduce yourself in the cover letter. They should ensure the cover letter is concise and briefly states why you are applying for the concern and what makes you suitable for the job. To have a clear idea about the length of the cover letter students can refer to a few samples of cover letter examples.

  • Bragging About Your Skills And Expertise-

Too much bragging about oneself is another mistake that can cause the application of students to go in the dumps. Students should not forget that the company they are applying to is looking for reasons why the students are applying to them and why should they hire them. Therefore students should shift their focus from themselves and let the employers know why they have chosen to apply to their company through their application. It lets the employers know what image the students hold about the company they are applying to. SourceEssay offers assignment help online to students where a team of experts helps students research about the company to find reasons that inspire them to apply there.

  • Bad Layout And Unprofessional Language-

Students when writing an informal cover letter land up writing in unprofessional language. They should not forget that even informal cover letters have a specific layout and a typical tone that needs to be followed. Not writing it in the correct format can be the primary reason for your rejection despite having the required skills and expertise. Therefore students who do not have prior experience in writing cover letters should take instant essay help from SourceEssay experts before they send it to the firm.

  • Submitting A Cover Letter Without Proofreading-

Even if students have experience in writing cover letters they might end up making silly mistakes that they might overlook in the first place. For example, forgetting to put the date on the application, or making a mistake while writing the address, or addressing the concerned official. This is why attaching a cover letter without getting it proofread can result in a blunder which can easily be avoided if students make it a point to cross-check the cover letter before sending it. It is suggested that they get their cover letters read and proofread by someone who has experience so that the flaws can be identified and amended. SourceEssay offers online assignment help for students where students can hire professional proofreaders who check their job applications for flaws before the applications are sent to the concerned authorities.


Looking at the importance of the cover letter it is advised that students should research about the firm before deciding on the tone of the letter and avoid being too formal in case they are applying for a creative agency, They should try customizing the cover letter adhering to the specifications of the company, and prepare a concise letter that reflects the importance of the company without bragging too much about themselves, They should also make sure they write the letter in the correct format and get the letter proofread before sending it to the employers to avoid mistakes.


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