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Claim Letter Format – Learn How To Write A Claim Letter

A claim letter is a letter written by the customer to the seller complaining about a service or a product asking for compensation. A claim letter format can be of different types- • A customer can ask for a refund of a product or service which can be either 50% of the total price or 100% refund of the product or service. • The customer can also ask for a claim in case the right item has not been delivered to him as promised by the seller asking to deliver the correct items in the future. • A customer can ask for a refund or replacement of an existing product in case the product received by them turns out to be defective. • They can also request sellers to repair the damaged products. • Customers are eligible to claim a reduction in the price of the product or service through a claim letter. In this article today we are going to talk about the steps to write a claim letter. • A student should indicate right at the beginning of the letter that they are making a claim specifying the type of claim. • In case there is a reference number for the product or service claimed for, it should be clearly stated in the claim letter. • A detailed description of the specific circumstances and details of the claim should be mentioned in the letter giving all relevant facts and figures concerning the claim. • The letter should have a clear mention of either the amount of claim or the action to be taken against the reader in case the set claim stated in the letter in whichever form is not settled. • The letter should have a mention of the referred document attached to the letter. It can be a claim form, warranty card, or receipts as evidence of purchase. • In case of any other document attached to the claim letter a detail of the document attached and the purpose of it should be mentioned clearly in the claim letter. • The reader should be given a time frame to reply to the letter which is to be documented in the claim letter. • The letter should end with an anticipated thank you note on behalf of the writer. Points Of Action A student who writes a claim letter should keep the following points in mind- • A student should be courteous and pay respect to the person while writing the claim letter. Use assertive tone while writing the claim letter. They can also take instant assignment help

from professionals who can assist them in writing a claim letter by helping them go through a few samples. • Students should make sure they write the claim letter within the prescribed time format. In case they feel they are running out of time or find it difficult to draft a proper claim letter they can always take expert guidance from essay writers. • The basic expectation of the writer from the reader through the claim should clearly be stated in the letter so that the reader does not have any pre-conceived notion for the same. The biggest challenge faced while writing a claim letter is that most people are unaware of their rights as a consumer. They can take expert guidance from online essay writer who can brief them of their legal rights to seek a claim before they draft a claim letter. SourceEssay gives online assignment help to students and helps them in writing professional well-formatted and flawless claim letters for their assignments.

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