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3 Easy Writing Prompts That Students Can Follow To Create Great Essays

Students often get tips from their professors and friends on how to write an essay. But the most corrective essay writing prompts has been discussed in this article, that can help students in getting dream score.

Writing Prompts For Great Essays

1. The introduction of any essay should be precise and short. It should start with a quote, an interesting statistics that might make the readers curious, a narrative describing a scene or a story that the readers can connect to. It can also start with a thought-provoking question, which will force the reader to think and over the article and get him hooked to the article.The introduction should tell the readers clearly what the article is all about in the first two to three lines. And, it is best if the introduction states a problem and promises a solution to the problem. The main motive is to hook the reader and the best way to do that is to address the reader in a way he feels the article is written for him. Students can seek instant essay help from professional writers who help students to write an irresistible introduction to their articles making their assignments impressive.

2. The next step is writing the body of the essay. The body of the essay is the main part of any article. It holds the main arguments and explanations and defines the topic in detail. Therefore students should make sure to include all the points of arguments supporting them with pieces of evidence in clear sentences. The Body should have three to four paragraphs. And, each paragraph should hold a different point. The ideas should be written down leaving three to four sentences in between for relevant examples in the form of supporting evidence. The student should make sure to cover all the points within three to four paragraphs ensuring the readers get to the point and have answers to all their questions. Students can avail online assignment help services

3. The conclusion should have a summary of everything that has been discussed in the article. It should be able, to sum up, the overall ideas giving a perspective to the article. The best conclusions are those that leave a reader contended. Articles that do not have a conclusive end leave a reader disappointed and dissatisfied with the content no matter how well it's written. Most readers have a tendency to skip to the end to get an overview of the whole article in case it is lengthy. In these cases, if the conclusion is inconclusive then the reader might lose interest and skip reading the article. Therefore, students should seek help from online assignment writer available online to write unique conclusions.


Students should keep the following points in mind to write a quality essay

  • The introduction should be practice highlighting the main objective of writing the article.

  • The body should have detailed points with supporting evidence within three to four paragraphs.

  • The conclusion should summarize the entire essay so that the reader can have a glimpse of what the article covers by looking at the conclusion.

SourceEssay offers the best assignment help to academic students for helping them in writing quality assignments keeping these three things in mind.

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